Healing Power // Release Date: October 16th, 2015

Cincinnati's beloved band, Pomegranates, are back with their final album, Healing Power. After the release of critically acclaimed albums like Everybody Come Outside, Heaven, and One of Us, Pomegranates began recording Healing Power in December 2012. Now, almost 3 years later, they return to share their long awaited fifth and final album. 

Cassette  + CD Pre-Order Link [NOT YET LIVE]: www.winspear-records.com/store/pomegranates-healingpower

Cassette Tapes: Limited to 100 first-edition, hand numbered, high-bias gold tapes with black imprint and high quality j-card. Comes in a clear acrylic case. Tape purchase includes digital download card. 

Compact Disks: Disks printed in full color, with a folded 5x7 full color insert. Comes in a clear plastic sleeve.

Album Notes: This album was primarily recorded in December of 2012 by Sabbath Recording with our friend Chad Wahlbrink at a lakehouse on Lake Norris. We traveled to Nashville in the Spring to do some additional tracking and mixing. We also did some tracking in Cincinnati. Unfortunately the band ran out of steam through a series of discouragements, and we put away the idea of releasing the album indefinitely. It feels a bit funny releasing this album almost 3 years later, but as time passed we realized it was worth getting these songs out to the people who were interested. We hope you enjoy. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm over the years! You have made our lives better.



Special Feature for Bad Racket Recording Studio, featuring a behind the scenes live recording of Pomegranates playing a song from their new album, Healing Power.

Pomegranates performs "Lost Lives" on Audiotree Live.

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