Major Murphy

Jacob Bullard (vocals/guitar), Jacki Warren (bass/backing vocals), and Brian Voortman (drums) live in a house just east of downtown Grand Rapids called Casa Lafayette. In this charming, Victorian-era house converted into a small apartment building, they write and record music for their band, Major Murphy. Luckily for them, the units above and below their apartment are filled with friends and like-minded creatives, supportive of the 70's inspired rock ballads being churned out on a regular basis.

'On & Off Again' is the follow-up to Major Murphy’s 2015 four-song debut, 'Future Release'. The new EP finds lead singer and songwriter, Jacob Bullard, hashing out variations on a familiar theme. The EP fixates itself on recycling chord progressions and melodies. Throughout the 6 song track-list the two video singles, “On & Off” and “Oceans” both have instrumental counterparts: “On & Off Again”, showcasing a chilled-out tempo and atmosphere, and the sprawling jam, “Over Everything” expanding in effervescent layers of psychedelia.

Major Murphy’s first EP was recorded before they had ever formally played a show, but in the months following its release, the band hit the road and begin playing out regularly. These shows gave Major Murphy a new perspective and confidence to their music, which is evident on their latest offering. The title, 'On & Off Again', speaks to the familiar cycle of touring only to return home and fall into the doldrums of a day job, and the EP's sound demonstrates the trio having discovered themselves and their songs out on the road.



Gorilla Vs Bear : Video Premiere: Oceans

Their intoxicating new single “Oceans“, taken from the group’s timeless forthcoming EP, 'On & Off Again.'

GoldFlakePaint : Video Premiere: On & Off

This new track holds more than enough weight to pass the time with glowing ease, the band’s soft lilt holding the kind of precious sway that lifts you out of the monotony of the real world and off to somewhere else entirely.

Impose : Week In Pop

[On & Off] is the smooth and soft album pop gem of near arrangement perfection that you may have waited your entire life to hear.






Major Murphy - On & Off Again
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