Major Murphy


Grand Rapids, MI’s Major Murphy, who counts Gorilla vs. Bear, GoldFlakePaint, and My Old Kentucky Blog as early fans, are back with a new song “Mary” on Winspear. The three-piece – guitarist, vocalist, and lead songwriter Jacob Bullard, bassist and vocalist Jacki Warren, and drummer Brian Voortman – builds on two previous EPs and a love of classic rock ballads to write one of their own. The song’s laid back, ‘70s AM radio influence is specific, but who is this “Mary”?

“Mary in this song represents innocence and naivety,” says Bullard. “The singer is in transit ("standing on a corner, standing on a line") and appeals to Mary to guide them through an unfair and complicated world.” Expect more from the trio in Spring 2018.



Gorilla Vs Bear : Premiere - "Mary"

"Easy, gorgeous harmonies, shimmering production, and timeless subject matter lending the song the feel of a lived-in classic. It’s Major Murphy’s warmest and most melodic song yet."

GoldFlakePaint : Video Premiere: On & Off

This new track holds more than enough weight to pass the time with glowing ease, the band’s soft lilt holding the kind of precious sway that lifts you out of the monotony of the real world and off to somewhere else entirely.

Impose : Week In Pop

[On & Off] is the smooth and soft album pop gem of near arrangement perfection that you may have waited your entire life to hear.






Major Murphy - On & Off Again
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