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Major Murphy follows up their debut long play ‘No. 1’ with a set of bedroom recordings archiving a time when Jacob Bullard was discovering his voice as a songwriter and the band was finding their footing within that space. Named after the house in Grand Rapids, MI that many of these songs were written and recorded in, the Lafayette EP chronicles a liminal space as the project transitioned from a stripped-down, solo project toward a three-piece rock band. The porches and walls of this house on Lafayette Avenue was a natural space for creativity and collaboration, a space where the band recorded early versions of Major Murphy standards that would eventually be taken into the studio to create their debut album.

On "No. 1 (demo)" Bullard and drummer, Bud Voortman, jam for the first time what would become the title track of their debut record. “When I Go Out (demo)” features textures and instrumentation that differ from the album version. Here Jacki Warren can be heard providing an enchanting harmony, which became a common thread throughout ‘No. 1.’ With "Come By Sunday" Bullard writes an open-hearted expression of affection that is nostalgic as much as it is forward-thinking. Listening to these tracks is almost like walking past the Lafayette house on a breezy Fall morning, hearing the songs spilling out the windows and down the street. Venture to peer through a window and you just might catch a glimpse of the magic.



Gorilla Vs Bear : Premiere: "Mary"

Easy, gorgeous harmonies, shimmering production, and timeless subject matter lending the song the feel of a lived-in classic. It’s Major Murphy’s warmest and most melodic song yet.

GoldFlakePaint : New Music : Major Murphy : "One Day"

Beautifully breezy guitars, woven together with some equally playful percussion, both of which conjure a sublime atmosphere for that almost weightless vocal to be carried along on, like the first impression of summer brought in on the softest of breezes.

Uproxx : Major Murphy Modernize The Radio Rock Of Yesteryear With ‘No. 1’

The dynamic structures of vocal harmonies between songwriter Jacob Bullard and bassist Jacki Warren are impeccably crafted.







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