"The deconstructive gesture is unstable. It attempts no conclusion, only dissects an environment for the sake of understanding or accountability. Yet, minding no boundary between environment and self, deconstruction is doomed to extinguish by its own methods. Identifying as “deconstructive pop,” CARE has committed itself to the same fate — earnest in pursuit of profundity but equally aware of its frivolity. 

Cultivated within Grand Rapids’ precocious DIY arts community, CARE saw its beginnings alongside acts such as the Soil & the Sun and Radiator Hospital. The band’s debut album, Yellow Trumpet Comforter Swan — released in 2012 — was a definitively adolescent grapple with coming of age. Its off-kilter jams and emotive lyricism provided a fertile backdrop for CARE’s development and rich material for their notoriously impassioned live performance.  

Since the release of YTCS, CARE has been evolving their sound in basements throughout Grand Rapids and the region. The characteristic whimsey of their earlier period has been exchanged for darker tones and more amorphous song structures. Gone are the preoccupations with youth and loneliness. the band has transgressed the limits if naivety and realized a more menacing world of power and loss. 

The first fruit of this evolution is UNENJOY, CARE’s second release, out March 31 on Winspear Records. Recorded by members of the now-defunct Pomegranates at Sabbath Recording in Cincinnati, OH, UNENJOY holds true to the deconstructive process with which it associates. Its four songs — each titled after the individual they concern — seem more concerned with proliferating the mysteries of relationship than they do with solving them, and yet, within this din of irresolution, a distinctly human energy occurs, and it’s this energy which has defined CARE since its inception."

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Tour Dates                                                                                                                                                April 2nd - Grand Rapids, MI at Death House with Crying & Eskimeaux
April 4th - Brooklyn, NY at Palisades with Adult Mom & Small Wonder
April 5th - Brooklyn, NY at Baby’s All Right with Bad Cello & All Boy/All Girl
April 9th - Turner Falls, MA at Brick House
April 10th - Boston , MA at Last Haus
April 11th - Hudson, NY at Bard College with Bellows, Sharpless & Jawbreaker Reunion

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