LUV IN THE RUINS is the third release from CARE and their second with Winspear. The album interrogates the abusive interval of “love” and “struck,” posing a critique of self-crucifixion and those whom culture has coronated with the privilege to resurrect. Though much of LUV IN THE RUINS was written and recorded in Grand Rapids, MI, CARE currently resides in Queens, NY.

In congruence with its narrative arc, LUV IN THE RUINS will be released serially in two parts between now and January 6, 2017. When both parts have premiered, a physical iteration will be made available in the form of an artbook, featuring photographs by Chris Cox and annotated album texts, as well as high quality audio files of the 70 minute record. The piece is limited to 50 editions and available for pre-order here.



Stereogum : Stream CARE LUV IN THE RUINS: Part 1

Four of the five tracks on Part One of the album rest at or extend past the 7-minute mark, and each one justifies its length. Majetich fills that vast space with textures that are as wide-ranging and volatile as the emotions he’s attempting to work through, and the way he processes the end of a relationship feels brazen and painful.

SPIN : In 2016 Emo Entered Another Green World

Yeah, this sounds absolutely nothing like the rest of this list and I doubt CARE would include himself, but this kind of melodramatic, genre-absorptive oversharing is probably emo’s future.

GoldFlakePaint : Track Premiere: “You Hallucinate”

“You Hallucinate” is one such piece; a mystifying, staggering pop song that leaps between sprawling instrumental runs and the scorched, impassioned lead vocal that heads the whole thing through this often wild journey.